Coronavirus & News


Re Lockdown part 2..... as far as I can ascertain all my Clinics can stay open. If this changes I will post up on here and on the website at . All Clinics continue to operate Covid Secure Status. If you have any queries then please do email at - Stay safe everyone


More Great News!!!!

In the final part of reopening my Practice, I will be starting my Thursday afternoon Clinics in Melksham from 6th August 2020. As before this will be at Lowbourne. For appointments, please contact me directly  ( details HERE ). 

In other news, we are still waiting to move premises in Frome ( probably September ) and the Church St Clinic in Bradford on Avon is getting v busy, so please book well in advance.



Some great news!!

From 4th July I can now open up under Phase 2 return to work. Basically this involves PPE and Social distancing, but no restriction on the patients or conditions that we treat - so the bottom line is that this is probably as near to normal practice as we are going to get, for the near future.

Please see HERE for full details. 



As lockdown eases, so our restrictions on who we can treat are also lessening, so we can treat more people - please see HERE for updates and further details. Full PPE is still in use and I have no elected to wear scrubs as a replacement to normal clothes for enhanced hygiene reasons. 

And the exciting news....We are moving premises in Frome!!!! Sadly our we can no longer make the current practice work with social distancing etc, so we are delighted to be moving to The Therapy Rooms on Christchurch St. The room itself is still being refurbished, so more details when they come..... what we can say is that it is all ground floor, with its own entrance and on-street parking opposite, with a car park a short walk away. 

26th May 2020

Things are slowly shifting and I can now treat Emergencies from 2nd June 2020. This will be at The Church St Practice in Bradford on Avon initially. Please see HERE for details. 

News on other Clinics , including some very exciting news coming soon!!!

2nd April 2020

Afternoon All.....
Well, The Coronavirus doesn't seem to be going away quickly and so far we have no idea when we area likely to reopen. 

I know some of you are worried about going without treatment for so long, so in order to keep you all ticking along, I'm running an online session for prescriptions of acupuncture points to keep you going, that you can massage yourselves. Please note - this is for existing Patients only and also that these points, whilst pertinent to your personal condition, are designed to maintain at a basic level and won't have the same effect as being treated normally.

It's all for free and if you would like to take me up on it, then please email me at with your full name, when you were last treated

(month and year is fine) and we can go from there.

All the best everyone and keep well